Om Bheem Bush movie story

Om Bheem Bush movie story

OM BHEEM BUSH(no logic, only magic):

Om Bheem Bush movie story

Om Bheem Bush It is a comedy-horror film. This film was written and directed by Harsha Kanuganti. Sunil Balusu is the producer. The film’s story revolves around three friends in a village called Bhairavapuram. Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, and Rahul Ramakrishna are the main characters in this film. This is the most entertaining film of 2024.

Om Bheem Bush movie story

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As we enter the movie: Three scientists, friends Sree Vishnu (Krish), Priyadarshi (Vinay), and Rahul (born in Amavasya so he can see ghosts and talk with them), have completed their masters, and they want to go to one of their friends villages, Vinay’s, and settle in their village. but in their vehicle there is no fuel, so unfortunately they are staying in Bhairavapuram village. The next morning, they contacted the village people to solve their problems as scientists, but the village people were not ready to go. Priyadarshi (Vinay) likes one girl in the same village. and Rahul (Madhav) enjoying his life by drinking alcohol.

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There was one friend, Racha Ravi (Amavasya; he was also born in Amavasya, so he can see ghosts and talk with them, which is why his name is called Amavasya), who was connected to Madhav. Madhav says everything about their business, from A to Z solutions, and he can explain about their business, like how they treat any health issues, solve any Sampangi ghost-related issues, and find out treasures that night. The next morning, Krishna tries to impress Jalaja. Krish wants to know about that girl, so Amavasya explains to the three friends that she is the daughter of the president (head) of the village. Her mother died, so he remarried a Russian lady, and he tortured her daughter. So Sri Vishnu (Krish) wants to give her a good life by marrying that girl, Jalaja. Krish is thinking about Jalaja. Suddenly, one bell is ringing. Everyone in the village stops their work, and they go home and lock themselves inside the home. Krish stops one person and asks about what happened and why they are trying to hide themselves. He replies that for every Chandragrahanam here, a Samangi ghost came, which is why everyone went inside the home. Three friends also ran and hid inside the vehicle.

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Om Bheem Bush movie story

The next morning, everyone in the village went about their business as usual, as if nothing had happened the previous night. Amavasya brings one of his friends to the Madhav, and Krishna solves his friend’s problem. His friend explained his problem, saying that before his mother’s death, she could hide some treasures in the home, but he didn’t know where they were, so he asked for help finding out where they were. that three scientists helped find that treasure; not only that, they solved so many problems in the village that everyone trusted them.

srivishnu om bheem bush movie story

No one went to Thanthrik Pujari, so Thanthrik Pujari was angry at the three of them. One day, Jalaja’s father calls three scientists to solve his Russian wife’s case. They solved that case, and at that time, Jalaja also started to like Krish. That night, Krish had a dream about Sampangi. The next day, he suddenly woke up, and one chain was there in his neck—that chain he saw in his dream yesterday. Suddenly, Jalaja misses her ring, which is the last memory of her mother, so she asks Krish for help finding that ring. So he forgot about that chain; he could find out about that ring and go to Jalaja’s home to give her a birthday surprise. After that, Jalaja liked him and proposed to him. The next day, Thanthrik Pujari complained about three scientists, saying they were fake scientists and did all the things purposefully. But all the villagers fight against that Thanthrik pujari because no one loses faith that the three scientists will all gain profit. So Thanthrik Pujari did one challenge with those 3 scientists; they went to that Sampangi building and found the treasure in that building. The villagers are not agreeable to that, but three scientists find out about that treasure, and they want to settle their lives. They agreed to the challenge on three conditions if they solved the Sampangi problem.
1. Krish condition: He wants to marry Jalaja, so the village head (Jalaja’s father) agrees to that.
2. Vinay condition: Vinay wants to marry one of those village girls; he needs half of the treasure amount.
3. Madhav: Madhav wants that palace.

om bheem bush movie cast

om bheem bush movie cast

2nd part of the movie: after the interval scene, 3 scientists enter the Sampangi palace. Vinay is a little bit afraid, but Krish and Madhav excitedly enter the palace. Madhav is very excitedly recording everything related to Sampangi, like jewelry, washrooms, beds, dancing rooms, dancing anklets, etc. At that time, he behaved like Chandramukhi. On the same day, Sampangi came in front of Vinay. He was so afraid that he tried to wake up their friends, but they were both fully drunk and not even opening their eyes, so Vinay slept in between them fearfully. The next day, they started searching for treasure, and Vinay tried to explain it to them, but they didn’t believe Vinay’s words. That night, both Vinay and Madhav saw that sampangi. Sampangi beats both of them, and they both run towards Krishna. After seeing Krish Sampangi being emotional, she touched him and called him Madhana. After that, Sampangi did a dance where three scientists appreciated Sampangi in her language. The three friends think about why Sampangi beat only two of us and why not you, and she calls you Madhana. So the three think, and they see some pictures in which Madhana (the Sampangi lover) looks like Krish. After that, they two decided to go to Sampangi. Mind you, Madhana is her lover, which is why she is not beating you, so you were the correct person to go in front of Sampangi to find out the Sampangi problem and find out Tresuare also, so Krish got ready like Madhana and went to the Sampangi room. He talked with Sampangi and found out what exactly happened to her and why she was living in that building. After that, he came out and shared his Sampangi love story with his two friends. Sampangi waited for her boyfriend, Madhana, but Sampangi’s father killed her boyfriend. Still, Sampangi waited for him. After hearing the Sampangi story, he decided to marry Marrie Sampangi because he understood the Sampangi pain. He wanted to release Sampangi’s soul in that building, and he wanted to fulfill Sampangi’s dream. At the same time, Amavasya secretly enters the Sampangi palace with an alcoholic bottle to give to Madhav. They all listen to the Sampangi story, and Madhav asks for help from Amavasya to bring a mangalsuthra secretly from the temple. Amavasya went to the temple. He shared everything with Pujari and asked Mangalsuthra. At that time, one village guy heard about that matter and told everyone in the village. All the villagers came to the Sampangi palace. Krish explained to them the Sampangi love story and her pain, so everyone agreed to let Krish marry Sampangi, and they all arranged marriage rituals like the mehendi function and the wedding photoshoot. Sampangi feels so happy. Before going to knot the mangal sutra, that bad Thanthrik Pujari came with his assistance to fight with Krishna, but Sampangi fought with that bad guy, and she saved Krishna. Suddenly, Pujari says Muhurtha time is going to cross, so Krish runs towards Sampangi and asks a Russian lady to give Mangalsuthra. She gives her mangal sutra to Krish, and finally, Krish gives the mangal sutra to Sampangi. She feels so happy, and her soul went peacefully before going. She gave all the treasure to Krishna and the villagers. Finally, everything will have a happy ending.
1. Krish marries Jalaja.
2. Vinay married the same village girl, and he took that palace also.
3. Madhav took half of the property, and his one more condition was that Thanthra Pujari removed his hair, which was also done. After that, Madhav saw him and recognized that Thanthrik Pujari was his senior. They are all at the same college. They asked them why you’re here, and he said that because of unemployment, I was choosing this path. Finally, the movie ends at Sampangi Palace…

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